Biyernes, Hunyo 26, 2015

Front side view
RC 1/100 MG Gerbera Tetra

Over-all review on this kit.

The plastic quality is good - 7/10 

Snap build Inner frame is good 7/10. More articulations and no falling parts.

Snap build Gerbera with all its armor parts, backpacks, weapons and shields is very bad 3/10. "Epic Fail" A big failure, why?

1. Very minimal on articulations. On some point, I will not touch it at all. Many small parts will fall off that might lost. Just Glue it!
2. The good articulations that we can use are only those in the knee joints, elbow joints and the fingers.
3. Do not expect nice articulations on the head, shoulders and the feet. They don't! 

P.S. The inner frame is very nice in articulations, but when the armor pieces are attach, expect very less/minimal articulations.

But still nice when displayed. Just make sure to glue the falling parts. And keep away from reach of children. CHOKING HAZARD!

I hope this will help for those who are planning to buy the RC 1/100 MG Gerbera Tetra.

Photo by: RTCC

Painted and water slide decals applied.
Painted and water slide decals applied.
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